Thursday, December 22, 2016

Arcatcher: Good Food, Good Vibes

Along Deparo area, you get the feeling it's going to be along while before you get good food to satisfy a hungry tummy. But fear not.

A cafe and restaurant rolled into one is one of the newest stops in the Caloocan area. ARCATCHER'S is an eye opener.  Tucked along Teofilo Samson Avenue, Deparo is this small but welcome change.

The pizza which I ordered was the four cheese  they call CHEESE GALORE. The cheeses exploded in my mouth and the crust was thin enough to be crusty and thick enough to fill my tummy.

The tapsilog which my friend ordered was delightful. The owner to whom we had a chat with said it was angus beef.  Hmm. Angus beef for this price. Halleluia.

My friend and I shared the food and it was more than we could handle.

The salted egg fettuccine needed more oommph but because of the ambience and the good service I am letting it pass but maybe not order it the next time.

 Cheese Galore 279 Php/ 12inches

MENU in Chalk

Tapsilog 120 Php

Salted Egg Fetuccine 150 Php
Gourmet need not be expensive.

Friday, August 10, 2012

Playa Tropical Resort:Bali Inspired Resort, Ilocos Norte

Playa Tropical Resort
Currimao, Ilocos Norte
Infinity pool and beach beyond 

      There's nothing like having the sound of the waves and the swishing of leaves to soothe your aching muscle   and tired mind. Upon setting your body on a pool chair or having a massage at one of the cabanas, you will feel like a whole new person. 
      When I first saw the place, Playa Tropical Resort, I said, oh lala. I believe this is one of those secret places. I hope by word of mouth this can be a destination place in Currimao, Ilocos Norte.

Pool and Casas

            At the background are the  4 Casas which you can rent for 6K-10K/night but the price varies depending on the season. These Casas offer complete privacy and each has its own pool and garden. 
            The swimming pool is perfect and the huts inviting! The infinity pool joins together three pools that can suit your mood. 

Cafe Amarra (Bar and Lounge)
The bar which at that lazy afternoon was quiet.

Bali inspired ambience

              I rest my case. After a long travel, we were finally able to rest. I really like the ambience of the bar. I guess at night this is a great party place where you can drink beer and play pinball, sing-along, and goof around.

Outside the Cafe Amarra

Awesome view of the pool


Playa Tropical Hotel

          The facade of the main hotel. These are rooms (called Casitas) which you can rent from 3800K -7K /night which varies of course depending on the season. 

gazebo and huts

         The huts that invite you to stay are standing on koi ponds. So zen... The splashing and rippling water can put you into a lull. It's sooo relaxing.


     The last time we went there on day tour the entrance and pool use was only 200Php/ person. That was 2010, and we had a discount since there were more than ten of us.
      So check it out. There will be no regrets...

Monday, January 9, 2012

PinTo Art Gallery : Antipolo's Art Destination

The Filipino Artist

" Imagination is a force of nature"
                     - Saul Bellow

Pinto Art Gallery
Grandheights Village, Antipolo Rizal

    Stepping inside the door of the Mexican inspired Pinto Art Gallery that houses a vast number of art pieces from paintings, to sculpture, to architecture, to other multimedia art, a thought plays in my mind. Like what the character in the movie "Mona Lisa Smiles" said, "What is art?"

    I am not an expert in that area. But being inside the Pinto Art Gallery transcends a lowly individual who has no training like me nor aesthetic knowledge into an art critique for a day. It was such an enlightening feeling to be surrounded by painting after painting that seems to speak to me.I feel lifted and engaged.

    The gardens highlight several sculptures which are a delight to the senses. Several staircases snake through the gardens and lead one to the entrances of the galleries.

    The rooftops are also open and give one a panoramic view of the Metropolitan horizon.

    Trelisses play along the edges of each house, while ponds and fountains dot the inconspicuous parts, you can almost hear the whisper of the fish...swish...glop..swish..
If I can only stay for a while longer.Sigh.

A bird sculpture greets you at the door.

     At the entrance, bells and birds will greet you. Then there's the entrance fee of 100Php for regular guests and 50Php for students.
     I have been to many art museums but so far this one impressed me the most. I guess it's because of the garden and the layout. 
      This museum is a must see place in Antipolo.
       I dare say that there are lots  to discover and explore here, and what is fun here is the surprise at every corner.
       Three hours is not enough to appreciate the whole of Silangan Gardens. And that's not all. Silangan Garden has a lot more to offer. 
       There's the Little Chapel of St. Francis, Monk's Cottage (art and crafts shop), Garden Guest House (inn) renting for 2.5K /night with breakfast, Bamboo Cottage (massage by appointment), theater and atelier (workshop) for artists.

Mural called "Carnival"

View from the Roofdeck

 How to get there...
From Makati, take the FX in C5 to Tikling Junction. Get off at Tikling Junction and ride a jeepney going to Ynares Center. Get off at Ynares and take the second street from the main road. It's a 10 minute trek to the GrandHeights Village. Pinto Art Museum is just near the gate of that village..


When my daughter was about seven years old, she asked me one day what I did at work.  I told her I worked at the college - that my job was to teach people how to draw.  She stared at me, incredulous, and said, "You mean they forget?"  ~Howard Ikemoto

Loreland Resort: Best Resort Fun in Antipolo, Rizal

Loreland Farm Resort
Sitio Loreland, Barangay San Roque, Antipolo City

      When I searched on the internet the best resort most recommended by regular frolickers, I found the Loreland Farm Resort. It may be one of the biggest and fun resort in Antipolo and having a lot of swimming pools make it very popular. This was the first time for me to go to Antipolo. It's large, being 8 hectares of rugged terrain and designed to conform to the natural structure of the land. That's why there are literally ups and downs when you go there.

      Aside from pools they also have cottages for rent, function rooms, a restaurant (Verde Restaurant), store, spa and massage, Wifi zone, and a whole lot more.
      The only downside to Loreland is this. It's too crowded.
       So maybe you can go there on weekdays and they'll have less people and more room to relax.

Antipolo is on a plateau, found on the slopes of  the Sierra Mountain Range, the reason why it is overlooking the most panoramic view in the Rizal region.

How much is the entrance fee: only 150/person. 
There's a different rate for night swimming.
For those who want to have more privacy,there are rooms for two ranging from 2500Php-3000Php. For a family of 5 there is a family room which costs 6,000Php.
Check in time is 2pm and check out the next day is 12noon.

Use of all the pool, and all the facilities except rooms. You can bring your own baon.
HOW TO GO THERE: From Makati, my kids and I backpacked and rode the FX from C-5 in Makati to Tikling Junction. We asked the Jeepney driver where to get off. From there we had to ride a jeepney and a tricycle to Loreland.


Sunday, January 8, 2012

Ilocos Norte: Pristine Beaches

     In Pagudpud, Ilocos Norte, You can find many untouched beaches due to the fact that it is 11hours drive from Manila. There are no parties unlike the more noisy beaches at the south. 
     Although some like Villa del Mar Ivory Beach hosts some of the hottest Bikini Open .      

     We went to the Saud Beach Resort with its pristine white sands that trickle through my toes. There was a downside that time. The wind visited the coastline so the water was a wild and it was more for surfing ( I think). 
      I for one am a log. I just stay in one place and enjoy the calmness and the scenery which I can't take with me to Manila.

Read my article on The Wecoming Winds of Ilocos.

Sailboats springing to sea